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Tooth Extraction Procedure: What You Need To Know

tooth extraction procedure

Today I’m going to discuss the tooth extraction procedure and what you need to know before you get into your dentist’s chair. A lot of times people find themselves in the dental office because they’re in pain. Sometimes the removal or the extraction of the tooth is the only relief for the pain.   Tooth…

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Dental Crown Procedure – What You Should Expect


I’m going to explain a dental crown procedure or tooth cap. Everybody has heard about a dental crown or a tooth cap, but why would you need a dental crown?  Does a dental crown or tooth cap hurt, how long will a dental crown last?  I’m going to answer those questions and more.   What is…

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Best Teeth Whitening Options In 2018 For Your Brightest Smile!

Teeth Whitening Atlanta

Teeth Whitening Atlanta: What are your best options in 2018?  The ADA did a survey, and 90% of the people who participated were interested in how they could whiten their teeth, and it’s the same in my practice as well. Keep in mind when it comes to teeth whitening in Atlanta, there are several options for…

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How Often Should You Get A Teeth Cleaning?

teeth cleaning - how often

Click Here To Subscribe To Our YouTube Channel and Never Miss A Video! One of the most common questions we get asked prior to people making their appointment in our Atlanta dental office is “How often should you get a teeth cleaning?” For a healthy mouth, we recommend that you have your teeth cleaned and…

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