Is Teeth Whitening Safe? The Truth Revealed!

is teeth whitening safe

Is teeth whitening safe? There is no question about the popularity of this treatment with 37 million Americans using it in 2020. However, there are differences in the quality, effectiveness, and side effects among treatment options. Therefore, anyone wanting to get whiter teeth needs to know more about how the types of treatment work and…

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6 Shocking Reasons Why Your Teeth Hurt!


It can be all-consuming when your teeth hurt. Dental pain is arguably one of the most uncomfortable feelings and can stop your day in its tracks until you can find relief. Unfortunately, there’s no straightforward treatment for sore teeth, as tooth discomfort can result from numerous unexpected scenarios or diseases. Let’s take a deeper look…

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Tooth Abscess: Symptoms, Treatment, and Causes

tooth abscess symptoms and treatment

Your Toothache Could Be A Tooth Abscess Anyone who has experienced a tooth abscess before knows how painful it can be, and would probably recommend for others to take good care of their teeth. Understanding tooth abscess symptoms and treatment, as well as its causes, can help prevent one from happening inside your mouth.  If…

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Stages of Tooth Decay: What You Should Know!

What is Tooth Decay and How to Prevent it

If you’ve ever gone to the dentist for tooth pain or cavities, you’re likely already familiar with some of the stages of tooth decay – whether through education, or bitter experience. For the rest of us, we simply have to trust our dentists and hope we never have to go through severe tooth decay!  …

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Teeth Grinding Due To Pandemic Stress? Dental Mouthguards Can Help

stress of the COVID-19

Unfortunately for many, teeth grinding due to pandemic stress is on the rise.  As stress levels increase due to the unfolding COVID-19 pandemic,  so does teeth grinding, or teeth clenching. Teeth grinding is a common dental phenomenon, often associated with stress and anxiety. Called bruxism by dentists and medical professionals, teeth grinding can cause significant…

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Is Mouthwash Necessary?


Is mouthwash necessary, or is it simply an additional proactive measure for those who are extra careful about their teeth? While the most important ways to take care of your teeth are simply by brushing twice a day, flossing once a day, and seeing your dentist at least twice a year, mouthwash can be a…

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7 Important Reasons You Need Regular Dental Checkups

importance of dental checkups

Dental checkups can seem a little intimidating, but did you know they actually help you avoid worse problems down the road? By visiting your dentist regularly, you can keep dental costs down, get the latest dental tips, and help your teeth look and feel great. Read on for 7 important reasons you need regular dental…

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5 Easy Ways to Reverse Tooth Decay and Cavities

Can Tooth Decay Be Reversed

We all try to avoid those dreaded words when we get our teeth cleaned: “It looks like you have a cavity.” More and more, patients are asking whether it’s possible to reverse tooth decay, rather than giving in to the inevitable filling. We put together our top five ways to reverse tooth decay and cavities…

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Dentures vs Implants: Which is Better?

dentures vs implants

Patients who are considering dentures—or who possibly already have dentures—often ask about dental implants as an alternative. There is much to consider in the “dentures vs implants” discussion. We will break down the key features of each option and important points to consider as you decide which option is best for you.     What…

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