Dental Crown Procedure – What You Should Expect


I'm going to explain a dental crown procedure or tooth cap. Everybody has heard about a dental crown or a tooth cap, but why would you need a dental crown?  Does a dental crown or tooth cap hurt, how long will a dental crown last?  I'm going to answer those questions and more.


  1. What is a dental crown?
  2. What to expect from a dental crown procedure
  3. Dental crown or tooth cap options
  4. How long will a dental crown last?


What is a dental crown?


A dental crown or a cap can be used to cover a tooth. Two indications are when a tooth has had root canal therapy, or when a tooth has a very large restoration that needs some protection.


What to expect from a dental crown procedure.


The procedure for a dental crown begins with the diagnosis and an x-ray to determine which tooth needs a crown, and why.

After that's done, the procedure itself takes about an hour, and at first, there's the requirement of local anesthesia. There is some discomfort with that, but we try to do our best in making it minimal by using topical anesthesia to assist the tissues in getting more numb.

After the anesthesia is applied, we then prep the tooth, or one way that I describe it to my patients is ‘we give the tooth a haircut in order to put a cap on it’.

Once the preparation has been done, and we then take an impression, and in this office, we send our impressions to an outside laboratory that fabricates that crown and sends it back.




Dental crown or tooth cap options


There are also options where crowns can be made at that sitting during the visit. That visit is a little longer, but you get your crown on your way out of the door.


Here at Peach Valley Dental, we leave you with a temporary crown that is made from an impression and created before the actual preparation is made. It looks just like your existing tooth.


Before that impression is sent out to the lab, we select a shade that you agree upon and that we assist you with, so that it appropriately matches your existing teeth. About a week or 10 days later, your new crown comes back from the lab, we take off the old crown, and clean off the tooth, and try the new crown.


We verify its fit by taking an x-ray to make sure that the margins are sealed, and that you have a good sound fit with the crown. We then adjust context to make sure that you can floss adequately, and the occlusion so that you can bite just like you were with your natural tooth.  After that, we then cement the crown with permanent cement.


How long will a dental crown last?


If your hygiene habits and regular visits are a part of your dental care, that crown should last you a lifetime.


If you need an  Atlanta dentist and believe that you may need a dental crown procedure, feel free to give us a call here at Peach Valley Dental. 404-254-5196


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