7 Dental Tips for Healthy Smiles in 2020

healthy smiles in 2020

healthy smiles in 2020


At Peach Valley Dental, we love healthy smiles. It’s a new year, which is the perfect time to set goals—don’t forget about setting dental goals, too. It’s not just about looking great, but also about staying healthy for many years of beautiful smiles. Here are our top 7 tips for healthy smiles this year.


Make Healthy Smiles A Priority in 2020


  1. Regular Office Visits

If there is one tip we can give you for how to have a healthy smile, it’s to stay consistent with your dental checkups. These appointments are not “just cleanings.” Our well-trained team is constantly looking for signs of any abnormalities—from cavities to oral cancer. We all know preventative care is cheaper than dealing with larger problems that could have been caught with consistent dental care.

  1. Home Care Routine

Your home oral hygiene routine is just as important as your 6-month checkups. Not only does a great hygiene routine make for healthy smiles, but it prevents many other issues including halitosis, gingivitis, and receding gums. What does a great home care routine look like?

  • Brushing thoroughly for 2 minutes, twice per day
  • Flossing once per day
  • Brushing your tongue when you brush your teeth
  • Limiting sugary foods and teeth-staining drinks
  1. Addressing Problem Areas Quickly

Teeth work hard every day. The occasional issue is not uncommon. If we do find a problem, we will let you know and provide treatment options. Teeth do not correct themselves. Cavities get bigger and can turn into a root canal and crown (or even an extraction) if not addressed in a timely manner.

  1. Reporting Problems Early

Even the healthiest patient is not immune from the occasional tooth issue.  We hope patients will resolve to contact us when trouble starts, rather than waiting until the pain escalates to unbearable levels. When tooth pain gets out of control, it’s difficult to get a handle on it. Call our office if you notice a sudden change in your mouth or tooth so we can get you help sooner.




  1. Improve Your Diet, Improve Your Smile

Improving your diet is one tip you may have already committed to for 2020. We all know we should make good food choices for the sake of our waistline, but patients don’t always realize food and drink choices also impact teeth. Sports drinks and juices are very high in cavity-causing sugar. Sodas are not only sugary, but they are acidic, which wears away the enamel—not a good combination. Moderation is key, and if you do enjoy the occasional soda, brush your teeth right away.

  1. Using a Mouth Guard for Better Protection

When patients hear “mouth guard” they often think of the thick athletic versions. And while these are important, they’re not the only reason to consider a mouth guard in 2020. Patients who struggle with teeth grinding, or bruxism, are great candidates for a mouth guard (sometimes better known as a bite splint or night guard). More streamlined than the sports versions, these mouth guards are custom-fitted to your teeth. They are also great for people who have had extensive dental work done as an added layer of prolonged protection.

  1. Exploring Your Cosmetic Dentistry Options

Once you have a good plan for your preventative and emergency care, you can consider some cosmetic changes that can positively impact your smile. If you feel your teeth could be looking brighter, one tip is to contact us to discuss teeth whitening options. From in-office whitening to some cosmetic bonding and even veneers, you have options for bright healthy smiles for life.


Your Family Dental Practice in Atlanta

As you set those goals for your best smile, don’t forget that our goal is always to provide you with the best possible care in a friendly environment. When you are looking for a dentist in Atlanta, look no further than Dr. Dennis and the Peach Valley Dental team for those bright, healthy smiles.

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