Toothache Symptoms, Causes, and Remedies


You should visit a  toothache dentist immediately if you have tooth pain that won't go away, accompanied by swelling, fever, and or bleeding gums according to the American Dental Association. Your dentist will treat the toothache, so you can lower the risks of possibly losing the tooth. First, you should learn more about toothache symptoms, causes, and remedies. Then, you will know if you need to schedule an appointment with a dentist in Atlanta.


What Is A Toothache?

A toothache occurs when you experience pain in or around a tooth. Toothaches can be minor and temporary, but often, they are serious and require dental treatment. Serious toothaches can get worse, and eventually lead to worse problems including tooth loss.


Toothache Causes

Toothaches are caused by various dental conditions. Most commonly, due to cavities, infections, damage to the tooth or filling, or gum disease. While not as common, it could also be a sign that you have an impacted tooth. A dentist can evaluate the tooth to determine the root cause.


Toothache Symptoms

People experience different toothache symptoms. Many complain of a throbbing toothache that causes constant pain. The pain can also be sharp, and it might only occur when you apply pressure to the area. Along with tooth pain, many people experience swollen gums. If an infection is present, the tooth pain can be accompanied by a fever and a bad taste.


toothache symptoms


Toothache Remedies

If you require emergency toothache relief, you can use some home-based remedies. These toothache remedies will alleviate the symptoms while you wait to get to a toothache dentist.

Over-the-counter pain relievers including pills and gels can provide emergency relief from tooth pain. Always follow the instructions provided when using these medications.

Saltwater rinses can also be beneficial when dealing with tooth pain. Fill a glass with warm water and add two teaspoons of salt to it. Gently swish the mixture around your entire mouth and then spit it out. The warm water will soothe your gums and ease the pain. At the same time, the salt will reduce inflammation.

Clove oil acts as a natural anesthetic, so it can also help to relieve your toothache pain. Take out a cotton ball and put a few drops of clove oil on it. Rub the cotton ball over the painful area.

Finally, place a cold compress on your face to reduce the swelling. You might be tempted to use a warm compress, but this can make the toothache worse. You want the swelling to go down, and a cold compress should do the trick.

If these remedies don’t help, you should seek emergency dental care. You shouldn’t have to live in pain, so reach out to your dentist if necessary.


Seek Help From A Toothache Dentist In Atlanta

If you are experiencing persistent tooth pain due to a toothache, feel free to contact Peach Valley Dental at 404-254-5196 for a complete evaluation. Remember, you do not want to wait when it comes to getting care for your toothache. Getting treatment quickly is the key to saving your tooth, so contact your dentist today.

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